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Frequently asked Sensory questions:


Q: Are sensory rooms used in mainstream schools?

A: Increasingly Sensory equipment and multi-sensory environments feature more in mainstream schools and education due to policies of inclusion and for the benefits they bring to children with a range of social, emotional and behaviour needs.


Q: Why develop a sensory room?

A: Sensory rooms can offer different benefits to a wide range of potential users, whether the room is to help develop and reinforce curriculum work or to provide a calming and relaxing environment or a reward for behaviour. The more flexible the design the greater the opportunities and potential can be for a wider range of users.


Q: Does an effective sensory room need to be located in a large space? Can a sensory resource be developed if there is no dedicated room?  

A: Not at all, the size of the room will usually already be set so making the most of this with the right equipment and design is key. If you don’t have a spare room then our portable solutions will offer a good range of sensory effects and interaction with the flexibility of being moved from room to room.


Q: Bubble tubes can take up space in a small room, is there another alternative as the kids love the bubbles and colour?

A: We produce bubble tubes in a range of sizes, where space is at a premium then consider a bubble screen - these fix flush to a wall whilst leaving the floor space clear.


Q: Do we have to pay VAT on certain products if they are for specific individuals or a charity?

A: Some products and services can be made zero rated (ZR) which means that we don’t have to charge VAT. In order for this to be possible you need to meet certain criteria as laid out by HMRC. Contact us for more help or visit HMRC online.




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