We know and appreciate how important it is to get the right sensory environment for your users,  that’s why we offer a comprehensive sensory room design service and manufacture bespoke equipment to suit your specific sensory needs and budget.


We have vast experience in designing a wide range of sensory environments and resources for educational and care establishments in the UK.  Our commitment to quality and detail whilst offering fair value is core to everything we do. We want the sensory solutions we create to be meaningful, effective and long lasting to give you years of value and benefit.


Whether you need sensory training to help you make the most of your sensory room equipment, a service visit or annual maintenance contract we can put a sensory package together for you.

If you require additional sensory products, equipment and sensory resources we can also help.  


Your MSE (multi sensory environment) may be new or significantly older but they all require maintenance.  Broken bubble tubes require emptying and cleaning to make them bubble brightly and consumables such as lamps, bulbs and fuses are also required. Our safer plastic fibre optics replace older glass filled optics which have become damaged posing a safety risk whilst LED Mood Lighting can help to set the tone for both learning and relaxation, these can easily be fitted into new and existing spaces.

You may be creating a sensory room and require expert help with assessment, design and planning, if so we can visit you to discuss requirements and assess the environment or new build plans to advise over layout and the optimum selection of specialist sensory equipment.


Looking for sensory room training?


Need lamps or bulbs for your sensory lights? We can even fit them for you.


Setting up a sensory room or sensory hydrotherapy - design assessment & consultancy services


Does your sensory room need maintenance, give it some much needed tlc with Sensory Maintenance


Enhance your White Room, Dark Room or Studio with sensory resources.


Check out our NEW Sensory Room Bundles! A great place to start your sensory adventure


Whether you have or are planning a sensory room in a special needs or mainstream school, a football club, a pupil referral unit (PRU), a nursery school, a hospital school, play services or respite services, we can help with all aspects of designing, developing, equipping and using a sensory room or engaging learning environment.


Please call us 0845 519 6852 or email us for more help with your sensory environments, soft play room, hydrotherapy light and sound, sensory bathrooms and sensory gardens.



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0845 5196852 | support@tlc4schools.co.uk


Contact us:  0845 519 6852  |  support@tlc4schools.co.uk


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Carpet, Interactive Bubble Tube

LED Colour Ripple

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Theme Creation | Exploring Seasons

Help and advice

Whether you are looking to purchase sensory equipment, create a new sensory room, upgrade or re-vamp an existing sensory resource or simply looking for help and advice we are here for you. Our web site features some of the most popular sensory items as well as a glimpse of the bespoke solutions we can craft for you based on your requirements and budget.


If you can’t find what you are looking for then please contact us and we will be more than happy to advise with further information and ideas for your multi-sensory needs.



We listen to your needs and then address them  

You have come to the right place... Our designers, advisors, training staff and engineers all have a wealth of experience and knowledge of working with sensory equipment and sensory environments. We can visit you and discuss your project in more depth, understand your needs and then explain the wide range of equipment and solutions available and produce computer generated images of how your new sensory project will look. We then manufacture and install your new room and once complete ensure that you are fully supported with training and support when and where you need it.


Please contact us for your own design proposal


Contact us, Phone: 0845 519 6852


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Phalathate Free Fibre Optics & Interactive LED LightSource


U/V Reactive Tactile Panel with LED Fibre Optics

Welcome to TLC 4 Schools, a company with people dedicated to providing you with the right sensory design, advice, bespoke manufacture, support and resources for your special sensory and educational needs.


We can offer tailored help and support to a range of establishments from special and mainstream schools, residential settings, hospitals and hospices and nurseries and football clubs.


If you are working with people with additional needs who currently use or need to develop a sensory environment and you are based in the UK or Republic of Ireland we can help you, also contact us for overseas enquiries (+448455196852)


We pride ourselves on offering you a more personal and dedicated approach from the design process with initial concept generation through to the realised solution. This continues with attentive training and support service as our relationship continues long into the future.


We hope that we can provide the best solution for your requirements and we look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email so we can discuss your individual needs in more detail.


Hydrotherapy Light & Sound


Hydrotherapy Colourwash Lighting